The feeling level

With our ‘feeling’ eye, we sense moods and emotions within the image. The use of a suitable pictorial language can appeal not only to our sense of sight, but also to other senses, by bringing in our memory of powerful moments in life. Space and movement symbols convey a sense of the depth of the space and the speed of movement, while light and colours create special moods within the picture.

Owing to different life experiences, people react much more individually to such images. Feelings on pictures can only be perceived if we recognise the mood it depicts and have already experienced it. In this case, we are therefore in the realm of soft factors. In the field of people photography, many feelings can be expressed well by means of body language. As feelings can only be described subjectively, these effects are usually only discussed generally and unspecifically in instruction manuals. The feeling level corresponds to the relational level of the communication square.

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